Juliet was delighted to work recently with Dave Myers of Hairy Bikers fame

The resulting programme will be aired on five consecutive days on BBC1. The team led a group of volunteers in supporting community projects in Bristol - inspiring stuff!

Juliet is delighted to have joined Yellow Poppy Media agency

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In the autumn Juliet will be joining Dave Myers of ‘Hairy Biker’ fame in BBC’s ‘People Power’. Their mission will be to highlight volunteer gardening projects and the positive transformation that they are bringing to communities.

Juliet Sargeant Joining the BBC Gardeners World Team

Look out for Juliet on this week's GW programme. She has been investigating the benefits of gardening to our health and well-being.

Juliet will also be joining the team in covering the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year.

" I am really looking forward to having a ring-side seat at Chelsea. This is a great opportunity to spread the good news about the joy and benefits of gardening."


Chelsea - What’s your choice?

Nov 09, 2015

It is great to have a patch of land that you can mould in any way that you choose. I love to take a stroll around my village and to look at what my neighbours have chosen to do with their front gardens. It can be an expression of your interests, your personality or just how much time you have to garden.

In winter the warm glow from behind closed curtains suggests a homely cosiness and in summer bright flowers shout optimism and fun.

These were my first thoughts about the design of the Modern Slavery Garden – the freedom that is represented by the colourful gardens of an ordinary British street.

But then, my mind turned to the hidden nature of slavery today; the darkness that is concealed behind some doors on our streets and in our towns. We are not all free.

So, the garden has vibrant summer planting and glossy front doors, but at its centre there is blackness and a single, striking oak tree. A tree with a tale to tell.

Chelsea Flower Show - And....we're off!

Sep 01, 2013

I have already had my first sleepless night.

That was a while ago and the RHS hadn’t even announced their garden allocations for Chelsea Flower Show 2016; but now they have and it’s all systems go.

Yes – we’re in!

The Modern Slavery Garden has a much-coveted space in the grounds of The Royal Hospital Chelsea, the home of The Chelsea Flower Show. It is going to be in the ‘Fresh’ part of the show, because this is a garden with a difference. It is a conceptual garden, but I hope not obliquely so; I want it to be enjoyable, readable and memorable.

It’s been a long haul; we first met with the RHS shows manager in May this year – just to run the ideas past him and ask a few questions. Then I submitted the design in July. But it wasn’t my first design. Slavery is quite a tricky subject to talk about, let alone design a garden about.

How to ‘talk’ about an illegal trade in human suffering without putting a downer on everybody’s day? After all, Chelsea visitors will have paid a fair whack to have a good time, enjoying flowers and meeting friends.

I hope you like the first pictures of the garden.

I’ll explain more about its details next time.